Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas?

So the lights are bad enough. So is the fact that the owner appears to be Jewish. I think the worst part about this mess is that it was in... July.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The One That Started It All...

On a gorgeous summer day in Philadelphia, we had set up camp on a blanket in Rittenhouse Square, when this guy caught my eye. He was allowing his dog to drink Pellegrino. Out of a bottle. To be fair, I am not a dog person - but I won't spend money on Pellegrino for myself. And if Philadelphia tap water is good enough for me, it better damn well be good enough for a dog.

From Facebook to a Blog

I don't remember how "that's unacceptable" became a regular part of my vocabulary. But it did. From a story I heard, to things I would see when I was out, I started saying it. A lot. And then I started taking pictures. Because people needed to see what I was talking about. So I created an album on Facebook called "Things That Are Unacceptable." And among my Facebook friends, it was a pretty popular album. Soon, something I hadn't expected happened - my friends started sending me pictures, saying "These are for your unacceptable album." And then someone suggested a blog. So here I am. Enjoy. Share. Laugh. Just don't repeat in your real life what you see!